The Team

Site Pinnacle Point 13B

Awakening the human spirit means creating a new conscience for - and a new consciousness around - the human journey. How did we lose contact with the earth? Why must we urgently regain it? And how can we do this?

Who’s involved?

While it’s still too early to name our team of people, we can tell you that The Point Discovery Centre will become a hub for sharing information about our past - and about what we need to do to secure our future.

The Centre will therefore design programmes around, and provide facilities for, a variety of disciplines and organisations:

  • The work of the SACP4 Project (South African Coastal Palaeoclimate, Palaeoenvironment, Palaeoecology and Palaeoanthropology Project) - Research into the Middle Stone Age at Pinnacle Point and at other, similar sites in South Africa.
  • Earth Stewardship Science - National boundaries restrict our abilities to deal with global issues through recognising that the entire earth is the common heritage of all people and all other species - and that we are all responsible and accountable for it. Earth Stewardship Science is the ethical, democratic, cross-discipline study and management of all the physical and living systems of our planet.
  • Universities and other research institutions.
  • Tourism, entertainment, and edutainment.

The Point Discovery Centre will build partnerships to:

Observe the present.
Consider the past.
Ponder the future.