The Dream

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Just as our ancestors faced the prospect of extinction thousands of years ago our very near descendants are once again facing the very real prospect of extinction. This time, though, it’s because of the way we live.

The Point Discovery Centre will work towards reversing this imminent danger.

What will the building offer?

Given the lessons we’re learning from Middle Stone Age sites in South Africa, the Point Discovery Centre must enhance its environment, and aim towards carbon-neutral status.

The Municipality of Mossel Bay has set aside a piece of land next to the Cape St Blaize Cave (the site of South Africa’s first scientific archaeological dig - under George Leith in 1932) for the construction of The Point Discovery Centre.

Features will include:

  • Display areas
  • Research facilities
  • Entertainment and education facilities
  • Sustainable design, sustainable management and sustainable operation

We’re aiming to create a world-class facility to:

Observe the present.
Consider the past.
Ponder the future.