About Us

We’re planning a centre that will reconnect us with our environment - and that will reconnect us with each other through our shared, ancient heritage.

Why Mossel Bay?

The Pinnacle Point Caves in Mossel Bay have revealed the earliest evidence for modern human behavior, and, having been occupied at various times during 120,000 years of the last 160,000, have the longest record of occupation of any Middle Stone Age site yet found.

But the Pinnacle Point Caves are significant, too, because the scientists of the SACP4 Project (South African Coastal Palaeoclimate, Palaeoenvironment, Palaeoecology and Palaeoanthropology Project) who’re studying them have extracted a record of the climate over the period from 30,000 years ago to 400,000 years ago - which, taken together with what we know about the habits of the people who lived in them, provides a picture of how our ancestors survived and thrived. Despite significant climate change.

Given the fact that all humans alive today are direct descendants of a small, core population of perhaps only a few hundred individuals (or at most a few thousand individuals) who survived an ice age in refuges along South Africa’s southern coastline during the period around 160,000 years ago, Mossel Bay becomes the locus from which our common ancestry, our common fate, and our common future radiate across the globe.

The Point Discovery Centre will be a multi-purpose research, display, entertainment and education building at The Point at Cape St Blaize in Mossel Bay where we will:

Observe the present.
Consider the past.
Ponder the future.